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No matter what recipe I try, I just fail at Pita!

I have tried every recipe I could get my hands on and still cannot bake pita. I have tried,white flour,… [more]

asked by: iloveaha

Sourdough hamburger buns

I want to bake hamburger buns using the sourdough starter I have. Instead of throwing half away when I feed… [more]

asked by: castironcook


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Sweet Morning Cupcakes with KAF Jammy Bits

a delicious mashup of old-fashioned sweet 7-Up cake, seasonal fruit, and KAF jammy bits

contributed by: bmoresweet


How can something so simple taste so good. They're delicate, rich, delicious don't wait for the holidays to make… [more]

contributed by: Stone Soup Girl


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Potato Salad

Swirth, I'm making your mothers potato salad dressing recipe for the first time for dinner on Monday. I have a… [more]

started by: Mrs Cindy
Once again, prayers needed!

I'm starting this thread to ask for prayers for my sweet, dear, niece. She is 18 years old, a freshman… [more]

started by: Mrs Cindy