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bread crumb substitute

I am looking for a lower carb substitute for bread crumbs in a ground beef recipe

asked by: kscates

KAF Lemon Juice Powder

I was looking for the KAF Lemon Juice Powder in their shopping category and see that it's no longer there.… [more]

asked by: luvpyrpom


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Authentic French Baguette

Traditional French baguettes are 250g while pointy-end baguettes are 350g. This recipe is from French Chef Julian Picamil. http://www.saveurs.co.uk/en/heritage-144/

contributed by: Nebelwesen

Austrian-German Vanilla Curls (Vanillekipferl)

Also known as vanilla crescents, vanilla curls are baked weeks leading up to Christmas in both Germany and Austria.

contributed by: Nebelwesen


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No knead yeast bread

When I make this bread, I have tried everything on this, weighed the flour, etc. My bread comes out heavy… [more]

started by: kaf-sub-0paulfm
Maria & the Group Hug

It was a very small group, since Jan and Susan were not able to make it, but Maria and Antoon… [more]

started by: frick