Self-Rising Flour on Pie Crust?


OK... In spite of my early exposure to "down home" cooks from Kentcky, West Virginia and Virginia, I have only recently ventured into the rarified air of pie crusts..... I guess those same "down home" cooks intimidated.....after the daughter of averts Virginian, and the granddaughter of a Kentuckian, I knew all too well how disgraceful it could be to produce a tough pie crust, or a biscuit that was not light and fluffy... I can still remember the whiners...

So.... When my sister, who is 12 years my junior, and has always made greAt pie crusts offered me the following recipe, I jumped at it.... She swore by the thing....


3cups flour
1tsp, baking powder
1tsp. Salt
1cup cold Crisco
1cup ice water

Mix, divide into two balls.
Wrap in waxed paper
Freeze or put in fridge.

Makes two crusts

As. You can see, the recipe calls for......baking powder..... Now, n my ignorance, I didn't know this was an unusual ingredient in pie crusts ( though I have since found a couple of similar recipes), so , since I am basically lazy, I divided to use the GMSRF. I had on hand....didn't know KA had one at the time.... Anyway, I used the self-rising flour, forgot to omit the salt, and put an egg wash on the bottom of each crust, to avoid sogginess.... The pies were no-bake chocolate.....

The dough was a pretty wet one.l. However, after sitting in the fridge overnight,,,,wrapped in waxed paper... It was wonderful....moral led out like a dream..... The flour had had time to absorb the extra moisture, but the dough was definitely not dry.... I was lovely.

I got rave reviews on the pie crusts.... My BIL declared the crust to be the best he had ever tasted.... My sister wanted to know what I had done to her recipe..... I was HAPPY.

When I shared the recipe with another BC member, she was totally surprised that the recipe had called for baking powder, and that I had used self-rising flour. Se had never heard if such a thing..... I hadn't realized that I had done anything unusual.....

I will be using this recipe from now on....using KASRF, and remembering to omit the salt!

What do you guys think? I think the SRF....the baking powder must have had some affect on the crust,,,,a positive one, for sure.


badge posted by: easyquilts on December 07, 2012 at 12:55 pm in General discussions
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reply by: frick on December 07, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Unusual is too mild a word for using SR flour, no matter what brand, in pie crust, but believe me, I'm willing to try it. This may be a breakthrough. Thanks for your recipe, input and being brave enough to try it. Glad it worked. Stranger things have happened. I had an exceptionally good batch of pie crusts once that had been rolled out in pancake mix (no flour available).

reply by: easyquilts on December 08, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Frick... I wasn't being brave.... I was being sister has used this recipe....calling for bp, for years....great pie christ's, so I thought it was normal. The next logical step was to use SFF. I got great results.... A breakthrough? Maybe... You never know.