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Paul Scamperle
Where to locate SAF Arome Levain LV1?

started by: Paul Scamperle

2 12/15/2014 17 hours ago, reply by Paul Scamperle
new sourdough baker, looking for info

started by: member-chideb57

2 12/15/2014 2 days ago, reply by kaf-sub-rius
Clay bread baking bowl

started by: ashebooks

0 12/14/2014 5 days ago, reply by ashebooks
Not Sour Enogh

started by: coloradokid

11 11/04/2013 9 days ago, reply by Mess Specialist
I'm sure I killed my starter, what to do next time??

started by: TXChris

7 11/28/2014 9 days ago, reply by ashebooks
Using sourdough starter instead of a poolish

started by: Mignonsm

3 12/04/2014 11 days ago, reply by mcmike59
Starter starter everywhere...

started by: member-partygirlha1

10 10/16/2014 13 days ago, reply by swirth
Can my starter be saved?

started by: jordan2010

3 12/03/2014 15 days ago, reply by placebo
Peter Stokes
Formulas for scaling dough quantities

started by: Peter Stokes

6 11/08/2014 26 days ago, reply by Weezy Rider
How much Sourdough flavoring to add

started by: WheatCarr

0 11/19/2014 30 days ago, reply by WheatCarr
Todd B
Stuffed Sourdough!

started by: Todd B

5 11/13/2014 36 days ago, reply by Mike Nolan
sourdough boule shape

started by: dbg100

1 11/11/2014 37 days ago, reply by Mike Nolan

started by: RichardD

5 10/23/2014 55 days ago, reply by pmiker
Sourdough insanity

started by: pmiker

8 10/19/2014 59 days ago, reply by pmiker
Sour Salt

started by: spud14901

22 05/17/2014 60 days ago, reply by writerkate
Substituting pâte fermentée for sourdough

started by: spellinspector

3 10/06/2014 63 days ago, reply by Mike Nolan
Altitude baking adjustments for sourdough bread

started by: ahkrieg

3 09/14/2014 63 days ago, reply by ed_f
Dough momma
Sourdough starter and big recipe

started by: Dough momma

3 10/12/2014 67 days ago, reply by pmiker
Sourdough starter

started by: gjordan46

7 10/11/2014 69 days ago, reply by placebo
Vermont Sourdough w/Rye sandwich loaves

started by: pmiker

4 10/07/2014 71 days ago, reply by bakeraunt
Baking a two loaf recipe in a one loaf oven

started by: bls54

2 10/02/2014 77 days ago, reply by kaf-sub-rius
Need some help to develop Sourdough Open Crumb

started by: NorthWoodsman

2 10/02/2014 78 days ago, reply by NorthWoodsman
fish creek
milk kefir to create starter

started by: fish creek

1 09/22/2014 84 days ago, reply by PaddyL
Where's my hooch?

started by: tersher

3 09/16/2014 88 days ago, reply by ed_f
Fed Starter?

started by: ctbrinn

2 09/15/2014 94 days ago, reply by ctbrinn