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Traveling Class in Delaware

Does anyone plan on attending? I am.

started by: psycnrs1

0 5 years ago by: psycnrs1
old "zo" bread baker needs help

the battery on my very old zo is busted. the company said i need a new one to replace the burnt out one. i ordered it and i have it but now need some one… [more]

started by: elark1

0 5 years ago by: elark1
Quick Desserts

Since I am not a baker by choice however I NEED to bake for my husband and grandchildren! I am always looking for fast and tasty recipes on sweets and desserts. The latest request is… [more]

started by: ice2010

0 5 years ago by: ice2010
german chocolate cake

I'd like to pass along a fantastic german chocolate cake recipe I found in the latest issue of Penzey's spice catalog: http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/recipes/r-penzeysGermanChocolateC... . It's one of the rare ones that calls for whole wheat… [more]

started by: velkyn

0 5 years ago by: velkyn
scone mixes

I have a lot of your fantastic scone mixes but they're way out of date (hubby and I have both been dieting - although eating a scone wouldn't bother me one whit, he's extremely… [more]

started by: gr8g8smom

0 5 years ago by: gr8g8smom
Cream Cheese Torte (Bars)

Does anybody have a recipe for a dessert that is like a German kuchen--yellow cake layer on the bottom, cream cheese layer in the center, more yellow cake above, and a dusting of cinnamon sugar… [more]

started by: chiara

0 5 years ago by: chiara
Dark Flaxseed bread recipe

I want to be able to make a dark bread with lots and lots of flax seed like the one I get at King Arthur baking store or similar, the brown sugar oatmeal toasting bread… [more]

started by: jdani22562

0 5 years ago by: jdani22562
Classic Pretzels

Has anyone ever tried to make buns/ hamburger buns with the classic pretzel repipe? I want to give it a go, but thought if someone had done it before they could illuminate me thanks.

started by: wjhills

0 5 years ago by: wjhills
Weigh in on my post in Site Tech Issues

Hi! I just started a discussion in Site technical issues category, called "Possible Way to Deal w/ Posting Order Issue" and I am interested in what you folks who tend to read and post under… [more]

started by: beachdee

0 5 years ago by: beachdee
Pumpkins and Yeast Rolls

While growing up in West Texas, I was so inspired by my grandpa, a sweet, gentle, hardworking pumpkin farmer. I was always amazed at growing “food”. As I moved on and went… [more]

started by: AngelinaLaRue

0 5 years ago by: AngelinaLaRue
baking memory

I am tying to convey the importance of eating well and being concerned with our environment to our grandchildren. Every year,after Haloween,we gather our pumpkins and clean and cook them. The children love… [more]

started by: falconlsf

0 5 years ago by: falconlsf
More moist cupcakes, muffins

A friend of mine mentioned she would like to be able to extend the shelf-life of her cupcakes, muffins so that after a day or two, they still taste fresh..right now they get a bit… [more]

started by: mrs.chiu

0 5 years ago by: mrs.chiu
Thank you Brianjwood

A big THANK YOU to Brianjwood. I have been going through the recipes on the old BC. and came across Rijsttafel 1 - 6. I printed them all and am so happy. Being Dutch,… [more]

started by: omaria

0 5 years ago by: omaria
baking memories

.As a child, I remember standing on a kitchen chair, watching my Mom mix cake batter knowing that it would be the perfection that was my Dad's favorite Chocolate Pound Cake. The cake would end… [more]

started by: swflick

0 5 years ago by: swflick
Bread Baking

"Is There a Dentist in the House?" This was the cry after my pre-football game tailgating party began to eat my home crafted submarine sandwiches with YUMMY homemade bread! I was a new… [more]

started by: ckriegerlaw

0 5 years ago by: ckriegerlaw

Hi! i just made the walter sands bread recipe and when it was done rising i lifted it out of the bowl, only to find a pool of browny yellow stuff. what went wrong?

started by: ogoshi

0 5 years ago by: ogoshi
peppermint crunch

How about including recipe for meringue cookies with your peppermint crunch topping. It's attractive, gluten-free and very seasonal. Sandra McNeill

started by: sondramcneill

0 5 years ago by: sondramcneill
baking story

When I was about 14 years old I was in a 4-H club for baking. We were asked to make a quick bread to enter at our local fairgrounds. At first, I didn't… [more]

started by: sharonsigler

0 5 years ago by: sharonsigler
Baking experience

My baking experience starts when I was young at home with parents I always watched my mom cook. But I loved to bake. My dad use to say she will never know how… [more]

started by: gramsay51

0 5 years ago by: gramsay51
marcia Wiggins
keeping filling for Whoopie Pies thick enough

Our fillings have alcohol and sometimes they are a little too fluid for staying inside the whoopie pie. We don't want the filling allover the packaging.

started by: marcia Wiggins

0 5 years ago by: marcia Wiggins
sour rye bread

I learned to make sour rye from my Estonian mother-in-law. This makes about 5 loaves starting with 5 cups of water and maybe 3 cups of medium rye flour. Flour is not really measured… [more]

started by: nomm

0 5 years ago by: nomm
No-Knead Crusty White Bread

I had made the artisan bread with no problem. Decided to make it again, however, I had a problem with the dough. It did not rise properly and when I baked the bread,… [more]

started by: owilliam

0 5 years ago by: owilliam
searching for...

How do I: 1. search for a particular category of recipes, such as cherry pie, chocolate cake, scones, etc? 2. search for a member's entire list, such as dvdlee, swirth, bocca, etc. , 3. find… [more]

started by: ddoug

0 5 years ago by: ddoug
Roll Over Roll Over

Last May I started working with my wife and her Mother at the family bakery. There are sooo many stories that could come from this bakery as it has been a main stay in… [more]

started by: stevethebaker

0 5 years ago by: stevethebaker
My claim to fame

Probably more than anyone needs...or wants to know. I retired a while back and started cooking a bit to help around the house. My wife still works, and likes to sleep in on Saturdays. I… [more]

started by: brucewaters

0 5 years ago by: brucewaters