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Sourdough light whole wheat sandwich bread

two loaves of sandwich bread using no commercial yeast.

started by: pmiker

0 7 days ago by: pmiker
Peppermint Crunch Maeshmallows

homemade marshmallows

started by: taryn'smom

0 10 days ago by: taryn'smom
Fresh Coconut Layer Cake

This a delicious coconut cake. My brother-in-law who was raised in Georgia, said it's like the coconut cake that his… [more]

started by: Sheryle

0 12 days ago by: Sheryle
Mike Nolan
Black Bean meat loaf

A change of pace from 'standard' meat loaf

started by: Mike Nolan

0 34 days ago by: Mike Nolan
Better recipe for scone mixes

A better way to make scones that are amazing.

started by: zaphod13

0 48 days ago by: zaphod13
A poolish for home bakers

A five-minute task done 1-3 days before mixing bread dough yields a flavorful pain ordinaire like I'd never experienced before.… [more]

started by: ezreader1248

9 38 days ago replied by: ezreader1248
Lexi B
Chocolate M&M Cookies

To be honest, I think the title says it all. Gooey? Go on then. Chocolate? Nice. M&Ms? Oh my giddy… [more]

started by: Lexi B

1 51 days ago replied by: Joan~Ga girl
Seedy Sourdough Bread

A mildly sour bread, great for toast or sandwiches, with a nice crunch.

started by: emilydurr

0 69 days ago by: emilydurr
Breakfast Oatmel

Breakfast Oatmeal - no sugar added

started by: mcdonaldtech

1 68 days ago replied by: Paula_G
Portuguese Sweet Bread

The crumb is almost layered. It makes for a very soft flavorful roll.

started by: dennis93277

1 83 days ago replied by: marionwilhelm
Hot Water Gingerbread Cake

Moist, hot gingerbread cake with lemon glaze... Great for after dinner!

started by: justmewolf

2 94 days ago replied by: forestparkjen
Whole Wheat Seed Bread (“Seeduction Bread”)

This multigrain bread is full of nutty flavor and nutrition. It uses a delayed fermentation method that I adapted… [more]

started by: julesverne1966

3 66 days ago replied by: member-rudyhagen
Sourdough Semolina Bread

This sourdough loaf is light and airy and contains a hint of semolina flour for nuttiness. Because it contains… [more]

started by: julesverne1966

0 104 days ago by: julesverne1966
Real Philadelphia Cinnamon Buns

yeast dough, sticky syrup, cinnamon

started by: mumpy

2 106 days ago replied by: PaddyL
GF Peanut butter recipe

A great gluten substitute

started by: gailmaryh

0 111 days ago by: gailmaryh
Orange Cream Cheese Gluten Free Cookies

These are amazingly good. Like little, moist, fine textured cakes. From the blog: "Seriously, You're Taking My Bagels?" by caconroy "The… [more]

started by: dachshundlady

0 113 days ago by: dachshundlady
El Gringo Viejo

Philippine Breakfast Bread

started by: El Gringo Viejo

0 140 days ago by: El Gringo Viejo
Chocolate Oblivion Torte

Intense, delicious flourless chocolate cake

started by: sbdombro

0 143 days ago by: sbdombro
Chocolate Oblivion Torte

Intense, delicious flourless chocolate cake

started by: sbdombro

0 143 days ago by: sbdombro
Pain Noir

Dense, yummy, pumpernickle-like loaf.

started by: sbdombro

0 144 days ago by: sbdombro
almond paste

from GinaG

started by: janiebakes

0 144 days ago by: janiebakes
KitchenBarbarian aka Zen
Plantain curry

This is an Indian curry that calls for green plantains. Buy them green as grass and use them before… [more]

started by: KitchenBarbaria...

2 141 days ago replied by: KitchenBarbaria...
KitchenBarbarian aka Zen
Spices - roast and grind your own

Freshly ground cumin and coriander are MUCH MUCH better than the pre-powdered stuff. It also means you only have… [more]

started by: KitchenBarbaria...

4 36 days ago replied by: KitchenBarbaria...
Mess Specialist
Cliff’s Banana Nut bread

Cliff’s Banana Nut Bread

started by: Mess Specialist

1 151 days ago replied by: Mess Specialist