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Fresh Pineapple Pie

This is my adaptation of Greg Patent's recipe in "Baking in America". I have changed the thickener (he used tapioca),… [more]

started by: dachshundlady

0 1 day ago by: dachshundlady
Sourdough Rye Pancakes (Whole Grain)

Two-grain, whole grain, sourdough: Not too tangy, not too heavy.

started by: BryanMaloney

0 14 days ago by: BryanMaloney
Lemon Velvet Cake

Beautiful cake that takes full advantage of the delicate flavors of lemon and lavender. Preparing the syrup, cream, and… [more]

started by: cwolfpack3

0 25 days ago by: cwolfpack3
Gluten Free Pie Crust

A gluten free pie crust that can be rolled out.

started by: gypsyscholz

0 31 days ago by: gypsyscholz
Taste of Fresh
Double Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake with Orange Buttercream Icing

This super moist cake uses both cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Plus, it doubles up the sneaky vegetable servings… [more]

started by: Taste of Fresh

2 33 days ago replied by: Taste of Fresh
No Syrup Needed Pancakes (vegan friendly)

Light, sweet, & fluffy pancakes from just 5 ingredients that don't need syrup

started by: chaosdsm

3 41 days ago replied by: chaosdsm
Taste of Fresh
Lemon Veggie Coffee Cake

Sneaking vegetables to people is sooo easy with this recipe. Lemon juice and freshly grated lemon peel hide the… [more]

started by: Taste of Fresh

0 55 days ago by: Taste of Fresh
david earls
Pie crust redux

the most tender, flaky pie crust ever

started by: david earls

0 58 days ago by: david earls
Gluten Free Olive Bread

Super Flavorful Kalamata Olive Bread

started by: Jillianne

2 61 days ago replied by: Sherine
Thick and Crispy Chocolate Chips Walnut cookies

Eat your heart out, Pepperidge Farm cookies! These are just as good if not better, they are a breeze to… [more]

started by: Sherine

2 62 days ago replied by: Sherine
Taste of Fresh
Southern Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious blend of pecans, coconut and rich chocolate made with oat flour.

started by: Taste of Fresh

2 78 days ago replied by: Taste of Fresh
Buttermilk and Honey Soft Wheat and Bran Bread

Soft and tender with great whole wheat flavor

started by: Rouvi

1 102 days ago replied by: aj.bogue
loves to bake
banana bread revised

Banana bread is often quite greasy, so I modified my mother's recipe. This bread is a dense tea bread… [more]

started by: loves to bake

0 121 days ago by: loves to bake
Sourdough light whole wheat sandwich bread

two loaves of sandwich bread using no commercial yeast.

started by: pmiker

0 132 days ago by: pmiker
Peppermint Crunch Maeshmallows

homemade marshmallows

started by: taryn'smom

0 135 days ago by: taryn'smom
Fresh Coconut Layer Cake

This a delicious coconut cake. My brother-in-law who was raised in Georgia, said it's like the coconut cake that his… [more]

started by: Sheryle

0 137 days ago by: Sheryle
Mike Nolan
Black Bean meat loaf

A change of pace from 'standard' meat loaf

started by: Mike Nolan

0 159 days ago by: Mike Nolan
Better recipe for scone mixes

A better way to make scones that are amazing.

started by: zaphod13

0 173 days ago by: zaphod13
A poolish for home bakers

A five-minute task done 1-3 days before mixing bread dough yields a flavorful pain ordinaire like I'd never experienced before.… [more]

started by: ezreader1248

10 84 days ago replied by: snowfire
Lexi B
Chocolate M&M Cookies

To be honest, I think the title says it all. Gooey? Go on then. Chocolate? Nice. M&Ms? Oh my giddy… [more]

started by: Lexi B

1 176 days ago replied by: Joan~Ga girl
Seedy Sourdough Bread

A mildly sour bread, great for toast or sandwiches, with a nice crunch.

started by: emilydurr

0 194 days ago by: emilydurr
Breakfast Oatmel

Breakfast Oatmeal - no sugar added

started by: mcdonaldtech

1 193 days ago replied by: Paula_G
Portuguese Sweet Bread

The crumb is almost layered. It makes for a very soft flavorful roll.

started by: dennis93277

1 208 days ago replied by: marionwilhelm
Hot Water Gingerbread Cake

Moist, hot gingerbread cake with lemon glaze... Great for after dinner!

started by: justmewolf

2 219 days ago replied by: forestparkjen