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Savory Ham and Gruyere Bread (no yeast)

Cake Sale` is the French version of the American muffin, except savoury (sale` means ‘salt’ and the work ‘cake’ pronounced… [more]

started by: tokatoka

0 2 years ago by: tokatoka
Easy Chocolate Cake

The absolute BEST chocolate cake I've ever eaten, and very easy to make.

started by: brownbw

7 263 days ago replied by: kween of swords
Fusion Bread

A bread that doesn't really have one specific description. I use this recipe when I'm not sure what I want… [more]

started by: zonlyone

0 2 years ago by: zonlyone
never fail way to get cakes out of bundt or other pans

I got this from the German maker of fancy bundt pans. They suggest that you butter and either use… [more]

started by: millgirl

2 2 years ago replied by: Livingwell
Three Ginger Gingerbread

Absolutely delicious! For any and all 'Gingerheads'...originally posted by 'macy', from the old BC...

started by: 4paws2go

6 2 years ago replied by: webbiedebbie

King Author Whole Grain Baking.

started by: JozieBakes

2 2 years ago replied by: Ginny Placitas
Not Quite Whole Grain Baguette

Minimally kneaded and added whole grain baguette

started by: sbdombro

4 2 years ago replied by: sbdombro
Simple Simon sourdough... Pictures included.

No mixer needed or wanted...

started by: Wartface

7 2 years ago replied by: tgchism
Mango Chutney (or Pineapple, Peach, Pear or Plum)

A friend gave this to me years ago but I also found a similar recipe in a thick little paperback… [more]

started by: dachshundlady

0 2 years ago by: dachshundlady
Cuban Bread

2 loaf recipe that is quick.

started by: omaria

2 2 years ago replied by: J.J.J.
Streusel Mixture/Grizzlybiscuit/old BC

Streusel Topping mix

started by: 4paws2go

3 2 years ago replied by: 4paws2go
Pear Upside Down Pumpkin Cake

I combined a tweaked pumpkin cake recipe from the Yankee Church Supper Cookbook with Paddy's pear upside down cake. … [more]

started by: dachshundlady

6 2 years ago replied by: dachshundlady
KitchenBarbarian aka Zen
Tsourakia (Sweet Bread)

Posted by Joan~Ga - see link below

started by: KitchenBarbaria...

0 2 years ago by: KitchenBarbaria...
Lemon-Poppy Seed Scones

Sour cream makes these scones tender and rich. A lemon glaze puts them over the top!

started by:

1 2 years ago replied by: Sarah d
Mike Nolan
Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

A recipe that dates back to the 1950's, with baking instructions that are unusual, unlike the instructions for any cake… [more]

started by: Mike Nolan

2 2 years ago replied by: Semtex
Boston Cream Pie Minis

Cream Pies

started by: sampetero

1 2 years ago replied by:
Glluten Free Almond Dream Bars

This is my almond version of the GF Dream Bars recipe posted in the GF section, using the GF cookie… [more]

started by: still-lovesbakin'

0 2 years ago by: still-lovesbakin'
Kahlua Fudge Brownies

A deliciously fudgey brownie with a hint of Kahlua

started by: Jock

1 2 years ago replied by: omaria

A lacy delicate Italian cookie. Great for holiday or festive occasions

started by: frick

1 2 years ago replied by: still-lovesbakin'
Chocolate Italian Cookies with raisons

puffy chocolate raisin cookies

started by: anndyer

0 2 years ago by: anndyer
Easy Bread Machine Bread with Whole Grains

Bread made with Unbleached, Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Flour

started by: d_m_zirger

0 2 years ago by: d_m_zirger

kolachi-type yeast dough cookie

started by: mumpy

4 2 years ago replied by: mumpy
Light Onion Rye

A deli rye with a light texture, great for sandwiches. This recipe makes a 1 1/2 pound loaf in a… [more]

started by: gwynedd-gal

0 2 years ago by: gwynedd-gal

Polish Babka, easter

started by: Iggy

2 2 years ago replied by: Willnscott