yeast bread

Soft and tender with great whole wheat flavor

Dense, yummy, pumpernickle-like loaf.

This sweet rye bread is my attempt to recreate the wonderful rye bread that Griswald's Restaurant in Claremont, CA once served at its buffet. When I lived in California, I could count on it selling at church bake sales before it was out of the bag; several ladies of Scandinavian descent told me it was better than the Limpa bread in Solvang. Some colleagues at work request it for the Christmas potluck every year. I like it spread with butter, and I could eat it at every meal.

old-fashioned "Philadelphia-style" pumpkin pretzels are almost like bagels -- smooth and shiny on the outside, chewy within.

Bread made with Unbleached, Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Flour

Ciabatta recipe from the San Francisco Baking Institute, scaled down for home bakers

Lovely slightly sweet buns filled with thicken pastry cream.

If you like a milder rye and enjoy the texture of whole grains, this might be the loaf for you. This loaf is a variation of the KA Multi Grain Sourdough Boule on this site. I've always used my bread machine to make the dough and I bake anything with sourdough almost exclusively in my long covered baker.

This is a mixture of a couple of recipes using the Harvest Grains Blend. I also like to weigh my flours so that I get consistent loafs. I hope you will like it!

These are the German rolls that can be found in small neighborhood bakeries all over Germany. They have a crunchy crust and soft interior and can be topped with sesame or poppy seeds.