S'more chocolate cheesecake bars

I have been tasked with making cheesecake squares for a group. I have a standard half sheet pan I would like to use. 1) I was going to use a pretty standard cheesecake recipe, would making it chocolate flavored be as easy as adding some dutch process cocoa? 2) If anyone has a s'more cheesecake recipe that would fit this application I would appreciate it.



Washington Post cheesecake recipe

Buried in one post is a recipe from the Washington Post re a cheesecake baked at low temp for 8-10 hours or overnight. Can you help me find it, please.


Baking the your CrockPot

I thought this was an interesting concept.
I don't think I will use a Pillsbury "tube", but this might work well for Moomie's Buns in dinner roll sizes. I may have to try the cheesecake idea sooner. Jan


National Cheesecake Day

Today is National Cheesecake Day. While Gina's "Nana's Cheesecake" is fabulous, I'm debating whether or not to make the one I've posted below. I will take it to work tomorrow and will not nibble. But tell me this recipe doesn't have you drooling.


Grilled Blueberry Mini Cheesecakes

Even tho this recipe suggessts using store-bought pie crusts, it sounds like it might be fun to try (with home made crust, tho).
Good for portion control too. I have a 6-cup muffin tin that would keep us from eating a full dozen mini cheesecakes between the two of us! Jan



I want try something different for my New York cheesecake. Usually I use shortbread, vanilla wafers, chocolate wafers, or grahm cracker crust. Does anyone have any suggestions for making the cake with a pound cake crust? Would I just slice it an layer it on the bottom or crumble it and mix with butter and put on the bottom and sides? Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated.


Of pans, and kitchen flubs..., and a thanks, to VibeGuy, and GinaG!

I treated myself to the Kuhn-Rikon 'Pushpan', offered through KAF's catalogue. After reading VG's rousing recommendation, a few months back, I thought I'd give it a chance. I am very works, beautifully, and does exactly what it promises to do. I have several regular loose-bottom cake pans, but this one will definitely replace my favorite 9" springform, for cheesecakes. The gasket design is wonderful, and seals perfectly. Nice weight, easy to clean.

I made GinaG's 'Nana's Cheesecake', for my initial 'test'. Very nice! Lighter texture, and even though I flubbed up my timing, with getting the egg whites in there, it still came out pretty darn good, just not as tall as it would have been. So, I'll make another one! You can NEVER have too much cheesecake!

Laura :0)))


A cheesecake quest...

My mother keeps rhapsodizing about a particular type of cheesecake that she remembers from her childhood. She was born in 1920, lived /grew up in Brooklyn. Her mother would bring home (for breakfast!) slices of a cheesecake that Mom describes as more like an angelfood type consistency and appearance, than the denser, creamier version that's common now. She doesn't remember what type of bakery Grandma would have gone to, Italian, Eastern European, etc. I tried several different cheesecake recipes, different types of cheeses, egg whites, and so on, and nothing is quite right. Good, but not 'THE' cake.

Then! I ran across a couple of Asian cheesecake recipes, which do indeed sound very much like the one Mom is describing. They use cream cheese, but not as much as a 'standard' cheesecake, and more eggs, separated, and the whites whipped.

I'd like to give one of these a go, but, if any one of you guys either makes a cake like that, or can advise on a recipe, I'd appreciate the help. I just don't to waste between 6-8 eggs, on a dud!



Using Pyrex for cheesecake (bain-marie style)

Happy Holidays!

I was thinking of baking the Brooklyn-style cheesecake for my birthday next week.

My question is, most of my bake ware is Pyrex. I was going to put the springform in Pyrex filled with water. It is my understanding that as long as I add the water before putting the Pyrex in the oven and making sure the oven is preheated first, I would avoid an Pyrex explosion.

Has anyone done this without a Pyrex explosion? My gut is telling me not to do this, but I thought would check in with people who have more experience baking cheesecakes than I do (this would be my first one.)

Thank you for reading.



What's is the best springform pan in market?

What's the best brand for a springform pan? I just had a cheap one that I got at Tj Maxx and the minute I placed it in a bain marie water seeped into it and ruined my cheesecake crust. HELP!!! I am soo annoyed and tired of having cheap utensils.