Whole wheat

50/50 bread flour/whole grain. This is a soft, flavorful and somewhat sweet bread.

Soft and subtly complex with a mix of honey, maple, and butter flavors. Great for toast and sandwiches.

I created these satisfying scones in need of a refreshing tea time pairing. The scones themselves are not too sugary, and the glaze gives them a sweet lemony zest. Feel free to adjust the amount of poppy seeds to your liking, I personally like mine teeming with the tiny seeds.

Fragrant Whole Grain Baguette

Light, fluffy whole wheat (about 40%). No bitterness. Good with sandwiches, toasted or any other way.

Delicious, easy, low-fat, and whole wheat.. what more could a girl ask for? Well, hot cinnamon goodness is a start...

This dough can be either a flat bread or a pocket bread. It is sweeter than the traditional pocket bread and is made using a bread machine.

I was concerned for a daughter with gestational diabetes, so I changed a sweet braided bread recipe and found it even better with King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour and agave nectar in place of sugar.

[Ed. note: Submitted by Jamie Swisher of High View, West Virginia, this is one of eight finalist recipes from the 2011 National Festival of Breads bread-baking competition, sponsored by King Arthur Flour, Fleischmann's Yeast and the Kansas Wheat Commission.]

Tender, chewy bread made with the ingredients of whole wheat Tartine Bread but worked by the technique of Jonathen Kandell's Desem. The flour is all soaked overnight in the liquid, which was suggested in Tartine Bread but not actually done. The multiple uses of whey are my adaptation.

Four cakey chocolate chip cookies made from sourdough discard.